DAS Parfum

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Dear future partners! Is pleased to welcome you perfume company «DAS Parfum». Company «DAS Parfum» is one of the most creative, vibrant and fastest growing companies in the world of perfumery. Our activity - create your own fragrances and subsequent implementation, logistics through own sales offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Our clients are all market segments from linear to large retail chains and regional distributors with their own sales teams. Our factories are located the in France, China, India, UAE, Italy, and leading design studios around the world. Also glad to inform you that today we have opened additional areas: consulting, market research, marketing support and much more.


Company type(s):
Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Cosmetics: Cosmetics
Fragrances: Fragrances
Jewellery: Jewellery
Marketing: Marketing
Personal Care Products: Cosmetics, Personal Care Products
Real Estate: Real Estate
Research: Research
Software: Software
Telecommunication Products: Telecommunication Products
Consumer Electronics: Telecommunication Products


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Turn over:

$ 1,000,000 - $ 10,000,000